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Every Kensington artwork is unique. 

Each a carefully designed and skillfully hand crafted juxtopose of imagination and luxury.

By Leesa Kensington.

''Nothing says more about you, than the art you choose to collect.''

~ Lin Lim

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• The Inspiration


Every Kensington artwork is carefully designed to include a mutitude of hidden references and deeper meanings, which can be found detailed by the artist on the corresponding Certificate of Authenticity.


• The Style


A uniquely, crisp yet delicate style is evident in every artwork, a lavish representation of modern surreaism and abstract art, revealing the artists skilled yet luxurious perspective on contemporary art.

• The Creation


Beginning as nothing more than an idea in the artists mind, each artwork is skillfully hand crafted in a process that includes up to 100 layers of paint and gold gilding, and can take up to 6 months to complete.


• The Composition


Each artwork is hand made, and materials may include gold, silver, or even diamonds. The exact composition of each painting is detailed in the item listing and on the corresponding Certificte of Authenticity.

''...beautifully delicate yet powerfully strong...''

~ MAB Art Studio & Gallery   


About Kensington art:

''I hope to provide people with a transfixingly beautiful glimpse into something that words cannot express. 

I've combined a lifestime of artistic skills with an enlightened perspective and luxurious materials, to create this, the Kensington collection. Every piece is a Masterpiece. A refined and inspired collection of truly unique adorned artworks that whisper to the soul.''

~Leesa Kensington

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"When you buy a Kensington, you're not just buying art, 

you're making a statement."

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• One of a Kind

•  Hand crafted

• 24K Gold

• Real Diamonds

• Professional protective finish

• Bespoke Frame

• U.V protective art glass

• Ryman security hangers (Gallery and home security system compatible).

• Custom made humidity control protective transport case

• Artists Guarantee

• Full Copyrights

• Certificate of Authenticity

"Luxurious. Decadent. Striking.

~Monika Blichar, Art World Expo           


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All Kensington Artworks come complete with artists guarantee, full copyrights, and Certificate of Authenticity.
Each artwork is hand numbered by the artist, and corresponding certificates are legally valid worldwide.


Currently available artworks

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The Kensington 24K Collection is a selection of unique gold gilded artworks.

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FEATURED: ''Blessings''

Mystique Collection 

A beautful bird is the focal point of this surrealist artwork, which is delicately adorned with silver detailing.

This piece features a pair of cartouche that contain symbols and sigils which reference peace, unity and harmony, and is representative of the positive energies that bring blessings into our lives. 

2017 winter Edition.


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