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1. General terms and conditions

All of our staff are freelance, and are contracted in agreement with the following terms and conditions.

All third parties are considered to have read and agreed to these terms.

1. Correspondence: 

1.1. Any and all correspondence is strictly private and confidential. Correspondence, or the contents thereof, may not be copied, distributed or shared in any way shape or form unless previously and specifically agreed upon. 

1.1. All text, email, and written forms of correspondence, whether ditital or otherwise, may not be saved, transferred, or disclosed to any parties, employees or associates who are not directly addressed and approved by the artist. 

1.2. Any persons found to be in breach of this section, may be prosecuted for breach of privacy, in addition to payment of any subsequent damages which may arise from any such actions, inlcuding but not limited to the charges stated herein.

 Security of the artworks

Privacy of the artist

rights of third parties