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The following terms apply to any and all person(s) having any and all interactions or business with, by, through, for or relating to Kensington Art, Kensington Art Gallery or the artist Leesa Kensington, 

the former referred to hereafter as ''you'' and the latter referred to herefter as ''we''.

The following

Terms and conditions


THE ART: All artworks are 100% genuine. Designed and created by the artist Leesa Kensington. All artworks are one of a kind, and are hand signed by the artist.

MATERIALS: Details of the materials used in the construction of any piece, can be found on the item listening and on the corresponding Certificate of Authenticity.

ARTISTS GUARANTEE: All Kensington artworks are original. Hand numbered and signed by the artist. The artist guarantees that every Kensington artwork is an original, with no legal copies or prints available. Kensington artworks come complete with an original certificate of authenticity, also signed by the artist.

CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICITY: All certificates of authenticity are 100% original, and hand signed by the artist. Certificates meet worldwide legally required authentication guidelines, and include identifying factors as well as information regarding the artwork and terms of transfer. Additional certificates can be provided by the gallery upon request. (There may be a charge for this service).

COPIES: We do not sell or supply prints or repoductions. Copies of any and all artworks whether digital or otherwise are entirely at the disgression of and under the conditions of the piece owner. The artist does not consent to copies or duplicates of any kind, and any such respoductions after the point of sale are entirely at the disgression of the new owner.

COPYRIGHT: All copyrights are under the sole ownership of the artist. Upon transfer of ownership, any and all copyrights relating to the transferred artwork are given in accordance with the terms stated herein.

THE ARTIST: The artist is available by appointment. Appointments can be arranged by contacting us.

THE GALLERY: Kensington Art Gallery is a showcase platform for a private collection of artworks by Leesa Kensington.

THE WEBSITE: is a private website domain, run by and for the Kensington Art Gallery.

PAYMENTS AND SHIPPING: We ask that you allow 28 days for shipping, and that you allow longer for delivery outside of the U.K. You can find details of accepted payment methods by contacting us.

GENERAL AND DISCLAIMERS: The artist reserves the right to continue to use images which are aquired prior to sale, for ongoing and continued advertising purposes. The owner is responsible for the transport, condition and security of any artwork at any given time. The owner may at their dissgression, arrange for personal or private transport of any artwork that is awaiting transport. Anyone found to be in posession of an illeagal copy, whether digital or otherwise, will be liable for fine of up to £1,000,000 per offence, at the disgression of the artist. We hold no responsibility for any payments, shipments, or transfers otherwise that have been intercepted by third parties, or have been interferred with otherwise by non authorized or illeagal actions by any person(s). Any harm loss or damages caused by any third parties, including but not limited to any contact by third parties during transport, is entirely the responsibility and liability of the actioning person(s) (if during transport you break it or loose it, you pay for it). Delivery times are estimated, and may vary. Delivery services are included in the item listing price. We offer no guarantee for availability of appointments. Any similarities between Kensington Art and any other body of artworks or individual piece or creation whether artistic or otherwise is purely by coincidence. Any portrayed likeness to any person(s), whether dead or living, any corporate entities or entities otherwise, is by coincidence. Any and all materials, photographs, information or data otherwise that is retained, used or archived by the gallery, is done so for artistic and creative purposes, this includes but is not limited to: photographs of people, buildings or places, landmarks, or any other information, view or subject (whether tangible or otherwise) which is found as openly and freely available. Subjects of photography may request the artist not take their photo, and may request in writing that their image be removed from records if they so require (there may be a charge for this service). We hold no responsibility for any harm loss or damage that may occur as a result of any photographs, images or records otherwise, each subject having ful responsibility for their own presentation and conduct in the world. We hold no responsibility for any harm loss or damage that may occur as a result of any photographs, images or records otherwise that relate to any activities, people, places or recordable information otherwise deemed to be 'secret', any such secrecy not being recognised if the subject is in open view or freely available for viewable access. We hold no responsibility for any illeagal activity by third parties which effects our website or the services we provide, and can offer no guarantee to the security status of the website or any correspondence. Internet security and security of payments is the responsibility of the account holder, we hold no liability for any harm, loss, or damages that may occur as the result of illeagal activities by third parties. Kensington Art Gallery is a member of the Kensington Group, a private corporation, set up by and for the benefit of the House of Kensington. Payment for reserved items must be made within 28 days. Items that are not paid for within 28 days are returned to the gallery and placed back on open sale. We hold no responsibillity for the security of third party payment handlers, responsibility for securing and confirming any such payments being the sole responsibility of the sender. Our payment information can be aquired or confirmed at any time by contacting us.  We do not give refunds, and hold no responsibility for payments sent to us by accident. We can offer no guarantee to the identity or purity of any materials used in the artworks we showcase. All artworks are sold for aesthetic purpses only. We offer no guarantee to the longevity of any artworks. Ongoing maintainance and care of an artwork is the sole responsibility of the owner. Once a piece is sold, ownership is thereafter considered to be with the buyer. All ownership is condidered to have been transferred upon the point of sale. Ownership is transferred in accordance with the terms stated on an artworks relating certificate of authentity, the terms and conditions stated therein applying thereafter.

Any person(s) or corporate entity, or entity otherwise associated with or having contact with The Gallery or the artist, are bound by the terms and conditions as stated for third parties that work with us, this includes but is not limited to: Public appearance, comissions, interviews or any information or date otherwise whether tangible or not. Any person(s) found to be working with us who are also found to be in breach of said terms and conditions, is liable for a fine in accordance with the Terms and conditions therein. Any actions by any person(s) that may cause harm loss or damages to either the  Gallery or the artist, whether by defamation, breach of non disclosure, breach of privacy or otherwise, is considered fully liable for any such damages under these terms and conditions.

Any persons having any interactions, whether professionally, personally or otherwise, with either the Gallery or the artist, is considered to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions as stated, and agrees to be fully liable for any breach thereof. The website domain name is privately owned and is published for display and artistic purposes only. Any images used on the website or incorporated to any ad or design otherwise, are obtained freely and used by the artist for artistic purposes only. We are not responsible for any payments made on an item after the piece has been sold. Our representatives will never ask you for your card or banking information. All emails and any files transmitted with them  are strictly private and confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. Although we have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the security of this email, we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage arising from it’s use, and hold no liability for any harm, loss or damages that may arise as a result of unauthorised or illegal activity by third parties. All correspondence is considered to be sent and recieved under the above conditions. All parties are considered to have read these terms. Ignorance is not an excuse. Our payment details can be verified at any time by contacting our official website: item is one of a kind, and it may take up to 24 hours after the pint of sale for our websites to update. We hold no responsibility for any purchases that cannot be fulfilled, and can offer a refund of payments made by mistake on reserved items ONLY. Our details, and the details of the artist, can be varified at any time by contacting our official website

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