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Kensington Artworks are a rare luxury, with an average of less than six released for sale each year.







Every Kensington Masterpiece is one of a Kind.

We do not supply prints or reproductions.

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 ~ Unique Original Masterpieces

~ 24k gold

~ Limited Edition collections

~ Themed sub collections

Every Kensington artwork is created by hand using a process that can take up to six months to complete. Each Masterpiece can comprise of up to one hundred individually placed layers, and materials may include gold, platinum or even diamonds.

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All artworks are hand numbered by the artist, and come complete artists guarantee and the original certificate of authenticity, which is also hand signed by the artist. 


As an additional extra artworks can be provided with full copyrights and an authenticated copyright guarantee, ensuring that the artwork stays as unique as it was when it was created.



The materials used are detailed on the individual item listing and on the corresponsing certificate of authenticity. Our Jeweller supplies and certifies all gemstones, and any 24k gold leafing that may be used is

99.99999% pure.

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Artworks are supplied (where applicable) with a bespoke frame, which has been hand crafted, and fitted with specialist U.V protective art glass.

Artworks are supplied with the latest Ryman Security hangers, which are approved and used by some of the biggest art galleries around the globe. Ryman hangers are compatible with most home security systems and professional gallery hanging systems.

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All Kensington artworks are provided with a personalised, individually hand made protective transport case, and also 

come with:

Original Certificate of Authenticity ~ signed by the artist

Artists Guarantee

Full copyrights

Bespoke protective frame