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Here we hope to answer some of your most

Frequently asked questions

What is Kensington Art?

Kensington Art is the name of an exclusive collection of gold and diamond adorned artworks by Leesa Kensingon.

With a selection of themes to choose from, these collectable artworks are like no other. Just like other limited edition collections, you can collect more additions each year, but unlike most other limited edition collectables, the number available, is limited to just one... the original.

What is an artists guarantee?

The artists guarantee is a legal document which varifies that the artwork is not only authentic, but is also the only genuine. 

All Kensington artworks are unique, with no legal copies, prints or reproductions available in any form, meaning that 

every Kensington Masterpiece comes guaranteed as one of a kind.

Does the artist use real gold?


All materials used are detailed on the item listing and can be found on the corresponding Certificate of Authenticity.

(Please note that artworks are sold for aesthetic purposes only.)

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Where do I find new releases?

You can find the newest additions to the Kensington themed collections in our gallery.


Is there a waiting list?


Artworks are released in the Gallery and are sold on a first come first served basis. Once an artwork is sold it is marked as unavailable.

If you would like to ensure that you don't miss out the beautiful Masterpiecesthat grace out galleries, you can reserve available artworks by contacting us.

Can anyone buy art from the gallery?


Although Kensington artworks remain luxuriously rare, 2018 saw Leesa Kensington step away from her usual secret list of private clientele, to reveal her first ever openly available collections.


How do I purchase an artwork?

Available artworks can be purchased by clicking the Sales enquiry link or by contacting us.

I see an artwork I like, but It won't let me buy it?

All Kensington Artworks are one of a kind. 

Items that are being showcased in the gallery are not marked as for sale, however can still be purchased by conacting us. 

Artworks are listed as for sale until such time that the item is reserved or sold. 

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork that does not have a saled equiry link, please contact us for more information.

Can I reserve an artwork?

Yes. Artworks can be reserved by contacting us.

V.I.P members - Pre release reservations can be booked in the members area.

How long does delivery take?

We ask that you allow 28 days for delivery. 

All items are sent with our professional art courier, and can be tracked in real time during transit. 

(Please allow longer for deliveries outside of the U.K.)


What does the artwork come with?

Artworks come complete with:

 Bespoke frame, complete with specialist U.V protective art glass (where applicable),

Artists guarantee,

Individually hand crafted climate control protective transport case,

Original Certificate of Authenticity.

Transfer of full copyrights is optional.

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What is included on the Certificate of Authenticity?

Certificates of Authenticity include a wide variety of information about the artwork, including size, materials and the date it was created.

All certificates are produced in accordance with worldwide legal authentication standards, and are individually hand signed by the artist.

How do I get tickets for events?

Tickets for events and exhibitions are posted on our website in the gallery. 

Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis, and can be reserved by contacting us.

(Please note: Tickets for closed events are available to V.I.P's only)





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