Here you can browse the latest releases by Kensington Art.

All of the showcased artworks are One of a kind.

We do not sell prints or reproductions.



''Footprints on the mind''

These beautifully transfixing 24k gold landscapes are the latest releases from Kensington art.

COLLECTION : Eternity collection

''Beneath the Rose''

This beautifully adorned 24k gold detailed artwork is the First Edition in the Kensington Valentines collection.


COLLECTION: Special Edition

''Cleopatras cat''

''Pharoahs cat''

A beautiful pair of magical felines. 


A sleek design, ensures minimal distraction from a set of Gold cartouches, which contain a multitude of deeper representations. 

COLLECTION: Cleopatra collection


An intellectual Masterpiece, with a touch of transcendence.


COLLECTION: Mystique collection









Adam is a modern style piece which includes references to science, astrology, and even mathematics. 


COLLECTION: Guardian collection

''Life waters''

This painting is a 24k symbolical plethora of life fundamentals. 


COLLECTION: 24k Private comission

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