Acryic on canvas with gold gilded detail.


TITLE: Pharoahs cat

COLLECTION: Cleopatra collection



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Pharoahs cat


COLLECTION: Cleopatra collection





H: 50  x WIDTH: 60 x D: 1 (cm)




Acrylic on canvas with liquid leaf detail.



''Pharoah's cat is inspired by the hierarchy and cycles that exist both in nature 

and human society.''

                                                                                                        ~Leesa Kensington


This painting is one of a beautiful pair of felines. 

A sleek design, with minimal distraction from a set of Gold cartouches which contain a multitude of deeper meanings and magical representation. 
On the Left and right, cartouches containing sigils, harnessing the power of the four elements. 

Beneath the golden base, symbols representing Will, connection and infinity, and above, symbols for intuition, protection and divination. 

This piece is centred around a Moon sigil, and offset by the presence of a sun disc and Orion's belt.
This beautiful cat is a perfect combination of historical knowledge, modern day technique, and ethereal inspiration.



Image description

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