Acryic on canvas with liquid gold detail.


TITLE: Life waters

COLLECTION: Private comission

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Life waters

This beautifully adorned 24k gold detailed artwork was comissioned by a private client.


COLLECTION: Private comission





SIZE:  H: 60  cm x W: 50 cm x D: 1.5 cm


24K gold and acrylics on canvas.


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''Life waters, is a representation of the very essence of life itself. The connection 

of science, spirit, and the flow of life.''

                                                                                                                          ~Leesa Kesnginton



This painting is a symbolical plethora of life fundamentals. 

It includes the pattern of the Higgs Boson, a representation of the Horus eye, and features a gold cartouche containing hieroglyphic representations of spirituality, Time, and Rebirth.

With more than 20 individual layers of liquid gold, each applied by hand, this creation took just over 4 months to complete.

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