Acryic on canvas with 24k gold detail.


TITLE: Footprints on the mind

COLLECTION: Eternity collection

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Footprints on the mind


COLLECTION: Eternity collection






H: 30  cm x W: 80 x D: 4 (cm)


Acrylic on canvas with 24k gold detail.

'This painting represents mindfulness, experience, and our perception of reality.''

                                                                                                                     ~ Leesa Kensington

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This beautifully tranquil painting is one of two that mark the first editions to the eternity collection. 

Each having a similar design to it's counterpart, these beautiful scenes were created in tandem.

The delicate composition and mirrored technique, reflect the duality of existence and of life, and as these wonderfully transfixing artworks initially catch the eye with a striking contrast of reds, golds, and blacks, they gradually invite the viewer to experience a plethora of metaphorical and representational transcendence.

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Framed by the silhouette of a natural setting, the 24k golden highlights of the suns rays contrasts perfectly against the darkness as this captivating sky actually shimmers in the light before the viewers eyes.

Sat beneath a large oak tree can be seen the figure of a person in meditative posture, reflective of the foundational inspirations for this magnificently transfixing collection.


A footprint can be seen in the sands as they lead of into the distance, where representations of play, memory, home and growth are featured, as well as various symbolic references to transformation, regeneration and harmony.

A striking combination of artistic skill and delicately inlaid gold resulting in a truely capivating piece of modern art.

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