One of a kind 24k gold artwork.


TITLE: Wild stallion

COLLECTION: Special Edition ~ Tribute



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Wild Stallion



to Enzo Ferrari

COLLECTION: Special Edition ~ Tribute





 H: 40 x W: 25 x D: 2 (cm)


24k gold artwork with acrylic detail.



''This artwork is a tribute to perseverance.''

                                                                                                                     ~ Leesa Kensington

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This amazing piece features a stunning abstract stallion which has been hand crafted using 24k gold.

Inspired by the determination and vision of Enzo Ferrari, this unique artwork took over 6 months to complete,

and is the First Edition in the Kensington Art Tribute Collection.


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This eye catching Masterpiece is a perfect example of contemporary art at its best. A delicate juxtapose between luxury and art, this beautiful creation eminates an extravagantly inspired style which is present in every Kensington Artwork.

The viewer, at first almost misses the scene of stormy skies which subtly caresses the environment of this magnificent animal. A flare of red contrasts against vibrant gold, as the eye is at first drawn to the contrast, colours and composition, before being gradually tempted to look deeper. As the viewer examines the meticulous design and skill which has been appled, the attention is caught by a selection of fine detailing, as textures, light and metaphor come into play.

A perfect combination of instinct, imagination and inspiration. 

This artwork is an artistic representation of strength, determination, and grace, and was inspired by one of the most iconic entrepreneurs of our time. A tribute to Enzo Ferrari.

''Wild stallion''

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