Acryic on canvas with 24k gold detail.


TITLE: Equilibrium

COLLECTION: Eternity collection

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COLLECTION: Eternity collection





H: 30  cm x W: 80 x D: 4 (cm)


Acrylic on canvas with 24k gold detail.

'In life there is balance, and in balance is harmony.''

                                                                                                                     ~ Leesa Kensington

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Image description

This beautifully tranquil painting is one of two that mark the first editions to the eternity collection. 

Each having a similar design to it's counterpart, these beautiful scenes were created in tandem.

The delicate composition and mirrored technique, reflect the duality of existence and of life, and as these wonderfully transfixing artworks initially catch the eye with a striking contrast of reds, golds, and blacks, they gradually invite the viewer to experience a plethora of metaphorical and representational transcendence.



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Image description

The eye is drawn into this beautiful landscape as a wonderful contrast of colours and light imediately catches the attention. 

A striking juxtapose of silouettes and techniques almost dances invitingly before the viewer, as vibrant skies actually reflect a shimmer of golden light, revealing beneath them soft considered details and a plethora of metaphorical representations.

A lone figure stands in the foreground, balancing water as they travel beneath a blossom laiden tree. The trees harmony only broken by a gentle breeze to which it gracefully bends, it's petals drifting care free on the air. 

In the distance can be seen a structure, oriental in style, with abstract detail yet powerfully inlaid meanings, as this golden temple almost eminates an energy of warmth and tranquility straight off the canvas.

This artwork references growth, balance and mindfulness, and features representations of oneness, self and harmony.

A transfixing combination of luxury and art, this beautiful 24k gold inlaid artwork is an infusion of contemporary art and timeless style.

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