Acryic on canvas with gold gilded detail.


TITLE: Cleopatras cat

COLLECTION: Cleopatra collection

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Cleopatras cat


COLLECTION: Cleopatra collection






H: 50.5 x W: 20 x D: 1.5 (cm)


Acrylic on canvas with liquid leaf detail.


'The Witness. Goddess to all that is surveyed. Cleopatra's cat.''

                                                                                                                     ~ Leesa Kensington

The second edition in a beautiful pair. A similar sleek design to it's counterpart, with subtle differences in composition, yet mirrored technique. 
Framed by a pair of gold cartouches, and sat upon a gold foundation, this adorned creature reflects the use of symbolism in art and belief systems.
Featuring to the right sigils representing the sun and moon, and to the left, the symbols of magic and blessings. 
This feline is a beautiful combination of contrast and elegance.
Bathed in meaning, and capped with a gold Horus eye. 
A simple yet effective example of metaphorical artistry.


Image description

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