This beautifully adorned 24k gold detailed artwork is the First Edition in the Kensington Valentines collection.

TITLE: Beneath the rose

COLLECTION: Special Edition

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SIZE:  H: 70 / W : 50 / D : 1.5 (cm)


Acrylic on canvas with 24K gold detail and inset gemstone.

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This beautiful Masterpiece is the First Edition in the Kensington Valentines collection.

A delicate combination of acrylics and gilding, this wonderfully contrasted piece steps away from the usual colour schemes of the artist, and embraces a flourish of colour which although prominent, is almost secondary to the transfixingly captivating essence of the work. A beautiful woman is the centrepiece, with an expression which gives away nothing of her motivations, as she drops a single red rose to the floor.  A ladies favour to her chosen, or a statement of independence and self-love? An action which invites the viewer to even deeper contemplation when you consider the representative value of the gem as this young lady's' heart. The title combined with the symbolic gesture suggests the usual air of mystery from the artist, that Kensington collectors have come to know and love. A frame of gold liquid leaf outlines the shape of a heart, the line of which is broken only by a blossoming tree and the young ladies stole, which is delicately decorated with 24k gold dust. A piece that is entwined with hidden references and deeper meanings, and crowned with a single gemstone, this one of a kind Masterpiece truly is unique.

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